ABCNews Claims There Are Too Many White People at Parks

 In a news segment titled "America's Great White Outdoors", ABCNews claimed that the "whiteness" of America's parks is a crisis.

They interviewed Ambreen Tariq, founder of Brown People Camping.  She said "When you look around you dont see people you identify with". She complained that because so many people didnt have the same skin color as her, she felt unwelcomed and out of place.  Incredibly,  she is incapable of saying 'Hello" to anyone simply because they don't look like her. 

 ABCNews then expressed anger because it claimed that 77% of park visitors were white. Why that is  horrible was never explained. Nor was it explained why anyone should even care about the skin color of park attendees  Additionally, ABCNews stated only 20% of Park service employees were non white and tacitly advocated less white employees be hired in favor of Afro Americans. Their segment implied  blacks can only relate to black Rangers and black information personal. Imagine someone implying that whites can only relate to white Rangers. Imagine someone claiming there are too many black NBA players so the league should hire less blacks and more whites and Latino players so that they can better relate to fans. If someone is so narrow minded that they can only relate to people who look like themselves, they need to say out of the National Parks.

 ABCNews also interviewed Danielle Williams of "Diversity Outdoors".   In a truly ironic statement, Williams, who is black,  stated "You are worried about just having a negative interaction based solely on the color of your skin".  This statement describes the entire ABCNews segment. The news origination has a negative reaction to certain people (ie white) simply because of the color of their skin.

What kind of news organization produces such a racist segment? Their whole "report" emphasized that people can and should only associate with those who look like themselves. The "report" also displayed the news organization's  anti white sentiment. ABCNews appears to have an ingrained culture of left wing racism.

Violent Left Wing Group Antifa Attacks Michelle Malkin

Neo Soviets from the violent left wing organization Antifa attacked Michelle Malkin and her group attempting to silence them. Malkin wanted to give a pro police speech when totalitarians from Antifa attacked her with a baton. Malkin said that Antifa also sprayed her and others with aerosol string as they were trying to give a speech on stage. BLM activists also participated in the violence. A partial video of the attack is shown here:

Seattle's Communist "Summer of Love" a Complete Failure

During June, left wing extremists took over part of Seattle and declared it an independent country, They named their country CHOP (Capital Hill Occupied Protest). The city's mayor, Jenny Durkan, stated CHOP  "is more like a block party atmosphere"  "We could have the Summer of Love". Instead, CHOP became a left wing totalitarian state where free speech was stamped out, racism was institutionalized and violence became a common occurrence.

On June 14, a man and a woman walked into CHOP each carrying an American flag. They were immediately harassed by the "citizens" of 'free speech' CHOP. Ultimate, both people had their flags stolen. They were then physically escorted out of the area. One CHOP citizen stated "When you fly that flag it's offensive,". Ironically, he was wearing an emblem from the murderous totalitarian police state of the Soviet Union.

CHOP also set up several gardens based on race. One garden was exclusive to black and indigenous people. Another garden was for whites and possibly Latinos. It remains uncertain if there was yet another garden for Asians or they could take food from the white/Latino garden. CHOP also set up segregated areas for blacks.

Lastly, CHOP became a 'country' of violence. There were multiple shootings and deaths. A 16 year old and 19 year old were killed.  A 14 year old, was in critical condition. Additionally there were multiple fights. Seattle's police chief, Carmen Best,, said Chop was “not safe for anybody

After the country of CHOP was eliminated. several lawsuits against Seattle were filed. The first lawsuit, filled by more than a dozen business and property owners  located in and near CHOP claimed  their rights had been “overrun by the city of Seattle’s decision to abandon their neighborhood.” The second lawsuit, filed by attorney Jacob Bozeman against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, is a class action lawsuit by residents arguing the CHOP “violated the Constitutional rights of everyone who lives, works, or passes through the area.”

In addition to the lawsuits, left wing mayor Durkan and socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant are now fighting each other. Sawamt and dozens of other people protested outside the mayor's house. They demanded Seattle leave CHOP intact.  Durkan responded by  calling for the City Council to investigate  Sawant over her "contemptuous behavior" during anti-police protests and other alleged abuses of office. She is also accusing  Sawant of allowing hundreds of protesters into City Hall after hours and without following coronavirus health guidelines,. In an email to City Council President Lorena Gonzalez, the mayor argued that Sawant is using her position as a city official “in violation of law” and for “recklessly” undermining other people’s safety “for political theatre".  Sawant has stated she wants an end to capitalism.

When voters elect left wing mayors such as Jenny Durkan (or socialist politicians like Kshama Sawant) violence and authoritarianism  are the end result. Durkan claimed CHOP would be a summer of love. Instead, CHOP became a symbol of left wing  totalitarianism and intolerance.

Racism At the Washington Post

The Washington Post’s global opinions editor Karen Attiah tweeted "The lies and tears of white women hath wrought"

Attiah tweeted a list of incidents she claimed came about due to “the lies & tears of white women.” Included in this list are “The 1921 Tulsa Massacre” and “53% of white women voting for [President Donald] Trump.” “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s,'” Attiah tweeted. “And not calling for revenge.

Blaming an entire race for an incident and stereotyping an entire race is part of the culture of being a Washington Post reporter.  Attiah is also demanding white women vote  only for candidates that the newspaper supports. Totalitarianism is also part of the Washington Post culture. The news organization believes it should dictate how people vote. Attiah seems threatened by the fact blacks achieved their highest employment rate  in history under President Trump.

NBCNews Continues Anti Asian Program and Attacks Whites

NBCNews recently discovered  officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with murdering George Floyd,  was married to an Asian woman. They stated:
The Chauvins’ interracial marriage  has also stirred up some strong feelings towards Kellie Chauvin among many, including Asian American men, for her relationship to a white man, including accusations of self-loathing and complicity with white supremacy.